Christmas season’s high demand may lead to delays in courier and delivery services.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


  1. Definitions

In these terms where the contents so permit the following expressions shall have the following meanings:

  • “Consignment, parcel” means a parcel or a group of parcels to be delivered by the Company from sender to recipient address
  • ‘’Client’’ means a person or business representative that books via our website and contracts with Oddisey Ltd to arrange collection and delivery of a consignment.
  • ‘’Recipient’’ means the person or business representative that receives the consignment/parcel to the address on a booking
  • ‘’Third Party Courier” refers to one of our carrier partners and others that deliver the consignments booked through our website.


  1. Shipping Contract


  • Oddisey  Ltd will arrange collection and delivery of your consignment by using appropriate delivery service or via the Third Party Courier (Dpd, Russian Post, Meest express, Dhl and etc). We reserve the right to change, remove or introduce any services or prices that are available on our website without prior notice. All queries or claims must be directed via email [email protected], we will then follow normal procedures and contact the courier on your behalf. Tracking of your consignment is available in your personal account on our website. 
  • The timeframe for delivery service, state of the website is not a guaranty, as there are circumstances, that are not depending on us.


  1. Client Obligation


  • Client must enter the correct information on the contents of the parcel (weight, dimensions, contents, addresses etc) by filling custom declaration form on the website. All address information supplied by the customer at the time of booking must be complete and accurate. Any parcel returned due to incorrect address or contents will incur additional charge (based on the original delivery price) and will not be eligible for any refund. 
  • It is the responsibility of the client to enter correct weight details of their parcels. Should the weight of the parcel be different from the paid for, the additional invoice will be raised to cover the difference and administration charge of £2.50 will apply. 
  • Parcel must be well packed, preferably in double wall cardboard box, with all information clearly showed on the box, including full recipient address, and shipping labels provided (if using collection service). No claim for loss and damage will be accepted should the conditions above fail to be met. Invoice will be raised shortly after your booking, which needs to be paid no later that 24 hours following preparation of invoice.
  • Oddisey Ltd do not accept parcels and/or cargo for transportation containing items prohibited by the legislation of destination countries, as well as dangerous items that can cause harm to parcels and/or cargo of other Clients.


  1. Custom Inspection
  • Please see attached new regulations on shipments to Russia as of 15.03.2022
  • Please see an updated list of sanctioned items, which can be send to Russia . If you fail to comply with the new regulations regarding Russia's sanctions you will be prosecuted.
  • All consignments/parcels addressed to outside of the EU will be subject to customs clearance. It is the client responsibility to provide the required information and documentation if any customs authority requires additional documentation.
  • Customs may dispose of any goods if the sender or recipient fails to pay required duties and taxes. You agree that we, the Courier or any governmental border or customs authority may open and inspect your consignment at any time.
  • Consignments may be subjected to security screening which could include x-ray equipment. Customs may dispose of any restricted or prohibited items and no claims for loss or damage will be accepted. Customs may dispose of goods if the receiver or sender fails to pay required duties and taxes. No claim for loss or damage will be accepted in these cases.
  • Customs charges must be paid by the sender or recipient before any delivery is attempted. Oddisey Ltd reserve the right to pass these charges directly on to the sender that placed the order if necessary. Should recipient not be willing to pay the charges, the consignment will be returned to the sender, and all  associated return charges will be passed on to the sender.


  • Client agrees that customs representatives and authorised government agencies will have the right to open and check parcels or cargo for contents in order to comply with legislation or eliminate possible harm caused to other parcels and/or cargo including in cases of suspicion for inadmissible or dangerous items within.


  1. Collections bookings


  • Collection and Delivery date and time shown on our website are estimates only and are not guaranteed on any service. Collections and deliveries may be delayed for reasons that are outside of the control. 
  • Under no circumstance any other shipping labels should be used except the pre-paid shipping labels supplied by Oddisey Ltd. Any use of manual or handwritten labels will invalidate transit cover and avoid a claim for loss and/or damage in transit. Please note, that the maximum weight the Courier will be able to accept is 30 kg in actual weight and 30 kg by volumetric weight. 



  1. Payment 


  • Payment for delivery can be done via Paypal or by bank transfer to details provided on our website We do not accept payments to courier, by phone or by post. Please note, the parcel will be dispatched only upon receipt of full payment. 
  • By making a payment for parcel delivery service to Oddisey Ltd you agree to our terms and conditions.


  1. Surcharges
  • When a parcel arrives to our warehouse, it is checked for weight and dimensions to make sure that the quoted prices are correct. If the dimensions exceed  maximum actual or volumetric weight brackets, Oddisey Ltd reserve the right to apply additional charges depending on the dimensions of the parcel.


  1. Claims and Liability
  • Each parcel comes with a limited amount of cover. Fragile items (such as vases, ceramics, glass, tv, phone and other fragile items) are not covered, as an extra insurance only covers for lost parcels
  • Courier collection service between UK and EU is not covered with insurance protection. Should you require such protection please contact us.
  • For Overseas service (delivery of the parcel to required destination) each parcel is insured for USD 100. Should you require a greater value of insurance for the total amount of the contents of the goods, please select this option when using the booking system on our website. Please note, the cost of such insurance is 5% of the total amount you want to insure for. Extra value insurance will only be valid in cases of loss of a parcel, not for damage and will only be valid upon receipt of full payment for service.
  • For insurance purposes please check the goods in the parcel upon signing with the post office representative and fill the form together with representative of the delivery companies or postman. Failure to do so, will not allow the claim to be processed. 
  • Every claim for loss will require the proof of value of the lost goods. Claims for damaged, lost or late deliveries will be refused if occurring under circumstances, such as Act of God, consequences of war, insufficient packaging or absence of shipping labels.
  • You must fill out the claim form for the claim to be investigated, otherwise the claim will be invalid.
  • Claims for lost or damaged can take up to 3 months to investigate
  • We do not accept claims for late delivery, unless it takes more 60 days



  1. Applicable Law
    This agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and the Courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any disputes arising out of this Agreement.


  1. Personal information

        By using our delivery service and sending parcel with Oddisey Ltd, the Client on their own accord consent to collection, storage, transfer, disposal and processing of personal and confidential information.


  1.  Cancelation policy
  • Client can cancel the collection free of charge until 8 pm the day before collection is due. The refund will be done in 3-5 working days
  • Client can change the collection date free of charge
  • If the client missed collection and would like to re-book free of charge , please contact by email
  • If the client missed collection and would like to cancel it, the £10 fee will be deducted from the refund amount. The refund will take 3-5 working days