Terms and Conditions

Introduction to Terms and Conditions between Oddisey Ltd and Client:

Welcome to the terms and conditions governing the services provided by Oddisey Ltd to its valued clients. These terms outline the agreement between you, the Client, and Oddisey Ltd, pertaining to the delivery and collection services offered through our platform. Please carefully review and understand these terms as they dictate the rights and obligations of both parties. By utilizing our services, you are acknowledging and consenting to adhere to these terms and conditions established for the mutual benefit and smooth operation of our delivery services.

1. Definitions:

In these terms, certain expressions hold specific meanings:

  • "Consignment" or "parcel" refers to a single parcel or a group of parcels designated for delivery by the Company from the sender to the recipient's address.

  • "Client" pertains to an individual or business representative who books services through our website www.ukayexpress.comand engages with Oddisey Ltd for arranging the collection and delivery of a consignment.

  • "Recipient" signifies the individual or business representative receiving the consignment/parcel at the specified booking address.

  • "Third Party Courier" encompasses our carrier partners and other entities responsible for delivering the consignments booked via our website.

2. Shipping Contract:

Oddisey Ltd will arrange for the collection and delivery of your consignment, utilizing appropriate delivery services or employing Third Party Couriers (such as Dpd, Russian Post, Meest express, Dhl, etc.). We reserve the right to modify, eliminate, or introduce services or prices listed on our website without prior notice. Any queries or claims must be directed via email to info@ukayexpress.com, following standard procedures. We will engage with the courier on your behalf. Tracking for your consignment is available within your personal account on our website. Please note that the timeframe mentioned for delivery services, as stated on the website, does not guarantee delivery, as unforeseen circumstances beyond our control may affect it.

3. Client Obligations:

  • The client must accurately input parcel details (weight, dimensions, contents, addresses, etc.) by completing the custom declaration form on the website.

  • Address information provided during booking must be comprehensive and accurate. Parcels returned due to incorrect addresses or contents will incur additional charges (based on the original delivery price) and won't be eligible for refunds.

  • Correct weight details must be provided for parcels. Any discrepancy will result in an additional invoice covering the difference, along with a £2.50 administration charge.

  • Parcels should be securely packed, preferably in a double-wall cardboard box, with all details clearly displayed, including the full recipient address and shipping labels (if using the collection service). Failure to meet these conditions will void any claims for loss or damage. Invoices must be settled within 24 hours of preparation.

  • The client is obliged to diligently examine and adhere to the sanctions applicable to the destination country they are sending their shipment to.

4. Custom Inspection:

  • Specific regulations apply to shipments to Russia as of 15.03.2022. The sanction list can be found by following this link. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2019/855/schedule/3A?view=plain, https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/russia-sanctions-guidance/russia-sanctions-guidance

  • Within the "How to Send Parcel" section, you'll discover an updated list of sanctioned items that are approved for shipment to Russia. Failing to adhere to these regulations could result in potential legal repercussions.

  • Consignments addressed outside the EU undergo customs clearance. Clients are responsible for providing necessary information and documentation if requested by customs authorities.

  • All parcels sent outside the European Union and UK are subject to customs inspection. If the customs office requires additional documents related to the contents of the parcel, the Customer or Recipient must provide these documents. Customs authorities have the right to dispose of or confiscate the parcel if the sender or recipient fails to pay the required duties and taxes or if prohibited items are found within the parcel. The Customer acknowledges that Oddisey LtD, the courier, or any government border or customs authority may open and inspect the parcel at any time. Should the sender or recipient refuse to pay customs duties or provide the necessary documentation, they agree that the customs authorities may confiscate or return the parcel to the customs warehouse for a decision on further shipping. The Customer is also informed that additional fees may be incurred for returning the parcel to the customs warehouse, processing the parcel, and for any other services provided.

  • Customs duties must be paid before the parcel can be delivered to the Consignee. Oddisey LTD reserves the right to charge the Customer for any customs duties, if necessary. If the Customer or Recipient refuses to pay the customs duties or provide the required documentation, they agree that the customs authorities may confiscate the parcel or return it to the customs warehouse for further shipping decisions. The Customer is also notified that additional fees may apply for returning the parcel to the customs warehouse and for reprocessing the parcel.

5. Collections Bookings:

  • Dates and times for collection and delivery displayed on our website are estimates and not guaranteed.

  • Using any shipping labels other than those provided by Oddisey Ltd invalidates transit cover and voids claims for loss or damage.

6. Payment 

  • Payment for delivery can be made using PayPal, card through our website, or via bank transfer using the reference number and details provided on the invoice from Oddisey Ltd. Please be aware that we don't accept payments to the courier, over the phone, or by post. It's crucial to note that parcels will only be sent out for delivery upon receipt of the full payment.

  • When you make a payment for parcel delivery service to Oddisey Ltd, it implies your acceptance and agreement with our terms and conditions.

7. Surcharges

  • Upon receipt of a parcel at our warehouse, a comprehensive evaluation of its weight and dimensions is conducted to ensure precise alignment with the quoted prices. Should the dimensions surpass the designated maximum limits for actual or volumetric weight brackets, Oddisey Ltd maintains the prerogative to levy supplementary charges contingent upon the parcel's dimensions.

8. Claims and Liability

  • Each parcel includes limited coverage. Fragile items, like vases, ceramics, glass, TVs, phones, and other delicate items, are not covered. Additional insurance only applies to lost parcels.

  • Courier collection services between the UK and EU lack insurance protection. Should you require such coverage, please get in touch with us.

  • For overseas service (delivery to the required destination), each parcel is insured for USD 100. If you need higher insurance to cover the total value of the contents, select this option using our website's booking system. Note that this insurance costs 5% of the total insured amount. Enhanced insurance covers solely loss of a parcel, not damage, and is valid only upon full payment for the service.

  • To comply with insurance requirements, carefully inspect the parcel's contents when signing with the post office representative. Fill out the form in conjunction with the delivery company's representative or postman. Failure to do so will impede the processing of claims.

  • Proof of the lost goods' value is necessary for every loss claim. Claims for damaged, lost, or delayed deliveries will be rejected in certain circumstances such as Acts of God, consequences of war, insufficient packaging, or absence of shipping labels.

  • Submitting a claim form is mandatory for claim investigation; otherwise, the claim will be considered invalid.

  • Claims for lost or damaged items might take up to 3 months to investigate.

  • Claims for late delivery are not accepted unless they exceed 60 days.

9. Applicable Law

  • This agreement shall be interpreted in compliance with the laws of England, and any disputes arising from this Agreement shall fall exclusively under the jurisdiction of the Courts of England.

10. Personal information

  • By utilizing our delivery service and entrusting Oddisey Ltd with the shipment of parcels, the Client voluntarily agrees to the collection, storage, transfer, disposal, and processing of personal and confidential information.

11. Cancellation policy

  • The Client holds the privilege to cancel the collection without incurring any fees until 8 pm on the day preceding the scheduled collection. Refunds will be processed within 3-5 working days.

  • The Client is also entitled to modify the collection date without any additional charges.

  • Should the Client miss the collection and wish to reschedule without incurring fees, they are advised to contact us via email.

  • However, if the Client misses the collection and decides to cancel it, a £10 fee will be deducted from the refund amount, with the refund processed within 3-5 working days.