List of Forbidden Goods

List of items banned from being send to Russian Federation:

1. All types of firearms, including signalling and pneumatic, gas, warhead weapons, cold bladed weapons (including thrower weapons), shock weapons and spark-discharging weapons, as well as main parts of firearms.

2. Narcotics substances, psychotropic, radioactive, explosives, acrid, self-flammable and other dangerous substances.

3. Poisonous animals and plants.

4. Russian Federation bank notes and foreign exchange.

5. Perishable foods and drinks. (cheese, meat , fish and etc..)

6. Items that by means natural qualities or packaging could pose danger for postal staff, and cause damage to other parcels or equipment.

When imported into the territory of the Russian Federation

1. Printed and audio materials that contain appeals for extremism and terrorism; pornography, produced or sold violating the Customs Union and Eurasian Economic Union countries’ legislation; materials meant for propaganda of nazism containing corresponding or similar symbols; containing other information that could cause damage to the interests of Russian Federation politically and economically, its security, wellbeing and moral aspect of nationals.

2. Any type of weapons or parts thereof, bullets or parts thereof, or items similar to civil or military weapons.

3. Dangerous refuse of all types.

4. Technical devices designed for clandestine collection of the information.

5. Poisonous materials that are not derivatives of narcotics or psychoactive substances.

6.Narcotics, psychoactive substances and its derivatives including drugs.

6. Human organs and (or) human tissues, blood and components.

7.Plants of every state or condition, plant seeds.

8. Live animals, excluding bees, leeches and silkworms.

9. Ozone-depleting substances.

10. Means of plant protection stipulated in parts A and B of Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants dated May 22nd 2001.

11. Means of extraction for underwater biological resources.

12. Ready-to-use fishing nets, produced either way of synthetic, nylon or other polyamide mono threads with diameter of those threads of 0.5mm or less, and cell size of 100mm or less.

13.Ready-to-use fishing nets, produced either way of other synthetic mono threads with diameter of those threads of 0.5mm or less, and cell size of 100mm or less.

14. Electric rod systems and devices that contain electric alarm generation with attached batteries that fulfil the function of fishing by means of electric current. 

15. Alcohol, ethanol, beer.

16. Any tobacco and smoking substances.

17. Radioactive materials.

18. Cultural and art values.

19. Perishable goods.

20. Gems of any condition, natural diamonds excluding jewellery.