Packaging Requirements

The contents of a parcel must be static whilst inside the packaging - to achieve this the space inside a box is filled with polystyrene, sawdust, cotton wool etc. 

1. Fragile items are transported in hard cover only. 

2. Liquids and other non-solids are kept in sealed containers, then placed inside packaging and marked CAUTION (these parcels carry 30% surcharge). Items, that produce colouring residue, are transported in sealed metal containers, those must not be sent in either plastic or fabric packaging. 

3. Fabric packaging must be made of light single-coloured cloth with inside stitches. Address should be handwritten upon fabric packaging. Before placing item inside fabric packaging, please cover it with plastic wrapping or other waterproof seal.

Items within factory packaging, as well as whole break-resistant items and those without sharp edges, can be sent without additional packaging.