Tracking parcels

Dear Customers!

For your convenience each parcel is assigned
an Identification Number, which allows you to track the delivery process.

  • Tracking parcels to Russia

    Once you have sent the parcel it could be tracked via Russian Post website.

    The status of delivery will update 3-5 days after dispatch from our London premises.

    Once your parcel has been delivered to your regional branch, the status will say
    “Delivered for distribution”, which is indicative of parcel being ready for collection.

    You can sign up for an update of your tracking via Russian post website

  • Tracking parcels to Ukraine

    In Ukraine the delivery is performed by our partners Meest-Express.

    Your parcel can be tracked using tracking number via their website.

  • Tracking parcels to Belarus

    In Belarus shipment is performed by our partners Meest-Express, who then hand it over Bel Post, who perform the delivery to a home address.

    Your parcel can be tracked using tracking number via Meest-Express Once handed over to Bel Post tracking is then followed via using the same reference number within International Tracking section.

  • Tracking parcels to the Middle East, other Europe and America and other

    Delivery performed by our partners DHL, tracking performed via DHL website


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